Extreme Extremeness

Thought tonight I would give a sneak peek at whats floating around inside my mind. Sometimes I see things and just get word vomit.

  • Competition– Against friends, Neighbors, your kids, frenemies, other boxes, 40,000 people in the crossfit open et el. Its a great thing, so what if you didnt peak in High school as an all star jock, heres your shot to get your revenge on them(they have been on the couch too) work your ass off and good things will come to you. After all, grey hounds run considerably faster chasing the rabbit. Find a rabbit, chase it.
  • Challenges- Sorry guys, Im against them and here is why– challenges end, if we look at health and fitness as a temporary step with an end we will end up fat sick and dying. If you need one to jumpstart your lifestyle change, great, do it and run with it stick with it, spread it to your family, friends, coworkers etc.Dont evcer look back.
  • Goats- FU$# me I have so many, it really is hard to pick just one to work on. Frankly, if you dont have a goat you name is Annie Thorsdottir, if your not annie pick something you suck at and practice that shit. This week Im working on Handstand push ups and L-Sits(F$#@ L-Sits BTW) Saturday my dreams of destromination were crushed by being a loser at performing an L-Sit. I know people who cant do a pull up but they can do an L-Sit for days. Yay me. Every day I will do HSPU and L-Sits.
  • Strong is the new(Insert phrase)- No, its NOT. Being Gymnast strong is the new(insert phrase) Ever seen someone with a 550 Deadlift look like a complete fool? Find a video from saturday, or, ask me to L-Sit next time we see each other. Its a simple equation 550 pounds up quickly=No Sweat. Hold my legs(probably around 100 pounds?) 6″ of the ground, while sitting(something Im Very good at) and im Sweating, shaking, crying like a baby. Gymnastics wods make me pray for double frans any day. I tried to hide from gymnastics like the plague and hide behing my (relative) strength=Incapacity(Should have listened to coach)
  • Intensity- Watching Duke, My labrador chase a ball brought me to thinking about intensity. He runs just as hard on the 100th retrieve as he does on the first, whines incessantly when we leave, eats recovers and does it again. I pray nightly for the ability to bring this type of Intensity to Wods. When was the last time you ran just as hard on the last 800 in murph as in the first? Goal for the week- Run to your barbell/pullup bar/ wall ball/ whatever hard and fast, rip off a couple of reps before resting. Do this for 10 Wods and report back to me.
  • Shout outs- Im lucky enough to see some pretty cool things at work, recently I watched Jake Larson and His son Cade do the WOD “NATE” 20 Min AMRAP 2 Muscle ups, 4 HSPU, 8 KBS. 1- Its great watching Father and son WOD together, 2-Its really fun to watch Cade smoke Jake(on the regular). Look for cade on the podium July 2021.
  • http://www.youtube.com/embed/



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