Im spoiled, I have a handful of great, willing training partners. I get or am handed a hypothesis and they are willing test animals. Saturday will be a test day to check/recheck or 1rm Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Front squat

Me and Jordan hit a font squat wod today, with the volume as of late and the heavy ass back squats going in I had little hopes of hitting any big numbers. Here was the seemingly devously simple workout. 3 sets of 5 reps front squats, as heavy as possible except…On the fifth rep, hold the bottom for a 3 second pause(longest 3 seconds ever) stand out of the bottom hard and fast, dont bounce out. We hit this after +/-15 high hang snatches and squat cleans and 5×1 100% 1rm back squat. We both started conservatively and ended up crushing the final set(205/275 respectively) How is it possible to do the volume we do, squat as much as we do and come in and move weight like that after fatigue has set in? Shouldnt my knees or low back explode because of my bad form?? Shouldnt we have rested yesterday after a competition on Saturday, like conventional wisdom would suggest?? Should we abandon this program for one with less volume, less technical moves?? No, and heres why- We have decided to get stronger.<-period. If you constantly bend to the wills of the workout gods you will plateau. This is a plateau shattering program, it provides for a new normal.

We had a pretty interesting convo today about perception- If your percieve weight to be heavy then it will be, if you attack it as light(Aint Nothing but a peanut) you can defy gravity. We pretty much know the weights for crossfit wods 135 for grace/isabel 225 dl for diane 95 for FRAN, 20 pound wall ball for karen. They arent heavy as long as you get stronger(which all of you are) you still percieve them to be as heavy as they were the first time you felt them.

This monster doesnt have negative self talk, he knows hes going to lift that shit. Thats an 800 Pound backsquat by the way.

P.S- Ronnie Coleman can drop his dumbells, atleast im not going to tell him not to.



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