Props and Patience

Would like to start off tonights entry with some Props-

1- Randy Perkins is destroying cholestorol, not with drugs but with food. He bravely spat in the face of modern medical science, ate things that had faces and all of their delicious fat and his cholsetorol lowered…weird right? too bad PFeizer, your not getting this one(this is a much condensed version, Ask randy for more deets on how to delay death, live strong et el)

2- Jordan C– after months without a designated deadlift strength day he pulled with relative ease a 10* PR of 415, on a rest day, with very little warm up energy etc that would typically coincide with a PR day. Perhaps—Its the copious ammount of fast pulling from the floor we do with the SNATCH and CLEAN and JERK only perhaps…

3- Camille P, Courtney S.E– You are both getting strong, and your competitive fires are stoked- Keep up the good work.

And now the meat, Or the PATIENCE

I need you to be patient with me, Daily I seek to grow and perfect my coaching style(still trying to find out who Iam), BUT, My factory reset is a blatant, pull no punches, tell you how i see it Straight forward approach that doesnt take into effect 1-Your feelings 2- Your self esteem. Im trying to be more touchy feely, I really am it is just a process(slow process).Decades of competitive sports and the Marine Corps do not erase themselves overnight.Please, know this- It comes from a place of love and respect. If i didnt want to see the absolute best out of you then I would tell you your stiff leg dead lift reverse curl push press was an excellent squat clean and jerk and go onto the next athlete. I cant do that, you deserve my best that just so happens to come from a place of DIRECTNESS. So if you just finished a brutal wod, I will try to lift you up first, and then, constructively break down every nuance haha.

Nightly Motivation- Watch sweetness truckin fools at 6:02 the greatest ever #34


One thought on “Props and Patience

  1. Love the feedback on form and technique!!!! You’ll never offend me, when you’re correcting something I’m doing wrong!!! More more more!!!:)

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