“Drive the wheels off the car”

There is a video floating around the CrossFit Journal, In which Rob Orlando is teaching a group of Israeli students at a strongman course. One of the athletes, had impeciable form in almost every movement he did. He Moved methodically from movement to movement making subtle changes at every turn. At the end of the Cert Rob is hosting a Q&A session, and the impecciable lifter’s coach asks how to get his fran time down. The athlete has a 5min~ fran. and wants to know how to break 3 mins. Rob didnt even Hesitate to answer that he needed to fail.

This may sound a little obtuse, but it makes perfect sense: if you approach every workout with the intention of finishing it, you are setting your pace to finish regardless of how long it takes to recover(A great strategy, if rest is kept to an absolute minimum) But if you really want to move your perfomance notch, especially on a workout you have felt before, you have to go so hard that you may and probably will fail. Rob called it driving the car so hard that the wheels fell off, Do so many thrusters and pullups, so fast that you very well may fail on your last pullup, maybe even a couple of times. But you have gotten to the end faster than ever before. I was lucky enough to watch probably 7 or 8 Fran PRs* last friday, the members who PRd drove the wheels off. Great job if you did. Great job if you didnt, not every workout is going to be a PR. But every workout finished is a personal record isnt it, even if it didnt go your way? You are stronger, you showed up, you did the work. You Rock,

What has fear of failure kept you from doing? It doesnt have to be workout related. If you master fear, your true potential is limitless start dominating fear today.

P.S- Take 5 Mins today, or everyday to play around in the box. Turn the gym into a playground and do something new. climb on the pullup bars, the rope, flip a tire, push the sled, Ask a Coach for a play idea. keep it fun~ Andy





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