I <3 Front squats

I effing love front squats, every aspect of them speaks to me on a Grok level. Awesome things about front squats includebut are not limited to

  • Extreme core stability required, makes you appreciate those 5 mins of core death after a wod.
  • Makes me more flexible, seriously being able to stay upright with weight and drive hips forward/knees out, elbows UP! is great for my immobility
  • They look cool- Did you just squat clean 335! 🙂 …uh no, but i front squated it
  • You cant have a big clean without a big front squat
  • If you can front squat a metric ton, it makes you pretty confident in your ability to stand up a clean.
  • Fact- People with huge front squat numbers destrominate fran(not a fact, but if you can front squat alot(relatively) thrusters become easier….a little)
  • http://www.youtube.com/embed/hkSN3f-a3Ok 617 Pound front squat for a double, :0 he has 90 Minute fran time, Not a care in the world except where to hang his olympic gold medals, and the whole living in Iran thing haha

So Im going to start using this blog as a training log as well-


Front Squat 6×2 135,225,225,315,315,325(PR) Felt strong and confident. fast out of bottom

EMOM1,3,5,7,9,11-  1Hang Squat clean + 2 Front squats@ 135(clean, hit positions well, shrug didnt bother shoulder too much) held 3rd front squat for 10 seconds, great stretch drove out of bottom with elbows first and fast.

Minutes 2,4,6,8,10,12 -5 Box jumps Rx was 36″ I used the 30( Im a box Jumping wuss) all reps felt good, focused on landing ready to jump again, jumped by pulling my knees to my chest, landing in a solid squat position.

*Workout performed In Adistar Olympic Lifting Shoes*.

Mobility- 2 minutes per leg 30″ box hamstring stretch, new favorite. Sure to become a daily staple, holy tight hamstrings! Extra credit- Peanut roll thorasic, lacrosse ball smash scapula( Pain face!) Thanks Jesse for the mobility help.



One thought on “I <3 Front squats

  1. Thank you Andy. Thank you for your blog. And thank you for your commitment to improving whatever you are doing. You are an inspiration for me.

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