Team Murph/ handstand Pushups

Even 1/3 of Murph sucks pretty much every time. I was on team AWESOME with Krista R and Camille P. we split the work pretty equitably and as one member faded on one movement the other members picked up the slack. We are getting stronger at communicating, flowing as a cohesive unit. The bodyweight blast actually helped my shoulder/neck to loosen up.

I was having trouble getting past 30 double unders early and often, I think I will start taping them to try and see where im screwing them up the most.

After this we had 5 minutes to establish a SQuat clean and jerk max hit successful reps @ 135,155,185,205,225 No snap in my jerk @ all :/

Soreness-3 Sleep-5 Stress-5 Daily-13(not bad)




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