Twofer/Moxie prep

Weekend recap

Saturday 8/25 5-5-5

Lalanne Summer throwdown., First a huge thank you to Chris and his lalane family for putting on such a great event. To all of the judgs and volunteers a big thank you. The crowd was great as well, although in the way most of the time lol. Chris’ new Gym is spectacular, 2X the size of the old one, If your ever In San francisco and want to hit a Wod at a great gym go to lalanne.

The WODs-

1- 12 Min Amrap 40 deadlifts, 30 Burpees, 20 Chest to Overhead, 10 Squat cleans @ 185 1 round+9 reps. Considerably less than I expected going in. Not an excuse but I got No-Repped Alot on everything except the squat cleans. The jerks @ 185 normally would have been cake but after the burpees/no reps etc my shoulders would not cooperate. i had trouble catching and cycling after 2nd rep. added alot of extra cleans for me. I came in 37th/60 On this wod. My goal was 1+55 haha, Jordan(who acted as coach/mentor/motivator/et el, thanks again Buddy) and i decided that I need to do longer warm ups before 1st events, I need to spike my heart rate and clean out that Pukie feeling before starting. Live and learn.

2- 4 Mins for 10 Squat Snatch@155 then Amrap OHS with remaining time. Goal was 30 reps. Ive been able to do tap and go reps @ 155 before so I had High hopes. Me and jordan hit a great warmup but it may have been too soon, by the time the event started I was cooling off. Finished with 12 reps Possibly started out too fast, had a super nice(read too nice ) judge on this one and no repped myself on 2 reps that she missed 36/60

3- 2 Min Amrap of Jumping Squats with a 95* barbell on your back, hips have to open, light under feet, dont drop bar 2 burpee penalty. I took 4 breaks, This workout hurt like fran does. i hit 60 reps, good enough for 12/60 If i did 10 more reps, completely possible I would have taken this Wod.

I finished 22/60 In a heat of athletes that were impresive. Their technique and conditioning is top shelf. Really impressive was the little girls throwing around 115* Snatches like paper weights. Technique is King. In between Wods I drank protein shakes and killed a Pb&J after wods 2, and 3. That night I crushed a plate of spaghetti and meatballs and a Mountain sized slice of cheesecake.

Sunday 8/26 7-3-3

Team Wod I forget exactly what we did but it was a wonder I did anything, i was pretty tore up from saturday but it felt great to workout. I remember this- Toes to rings=easy, Box jumps=sluggish, Burpee test=good, Burpees over bench=fun(Nervous going left onto a shaky knee) Deadlift @ 275=felt like a feather, Power Snatch 135=Probably not a great idea to be honest but crushed none the less. Overhead lunge45*= Ive been working my overhead position alot, this make stabilizing weight overhead seeem easy. HSPU(Games standard) might have well have been doing them wrapped in chains as i felt about 500 Pounds upside down. Great job Mixed team with communicating and working weaknesses. Great Job Jordan with coaching WOD selection

Moxie Prep- Dos and Donts I posted a link to Greg everett discussing competition day

basically, dont try anything new up to and on gameday. The time for experimentation is 3-4 months prior to a big event. If you typically workout thursday and friday then yes, rest those days(actively), mobilize everything, Lift something light, Practice gymnastic skills for quality. make sure your eating enough good stuff and limiting/Excluding the bad. If you dont drink coffee/5 hour energy/ go girl etc. Dont start saturday. Lets meet at the Box wednesday night(7:31) to go over what we need etc. if you think of something between now and then, write it down. Most Importantly if you are having any pain, discomfort etc. fix that shit. Seek out professional care if you can. Ive got a deload week coming up, and likely you all should too. depending on the individual its 8-16 weeks should be followed up with a deload week. Im on like week 22 so its long overdue. Notice its called a delaod week not a stay home eat shit and watch tv week. you deload the reps, weight etc. I will back up my deload week with a week of testing before I start my next 8 week cycle. We have roughly 6 Months before the open starts, my goal is to be 20 pounds lighter for the open but stronger. and especially faster and more conditioned. Everything I try will be documented and backed up, here. So buckle up and get ready its going to be a bumpy ride~Andy



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