Twofer/Moxie prep

Weekend recap

Saturday 8/25 5-5-5

Lalanne Summer throwdown., First a huge thank you to Chris and his lalane family for putting on such a great event. To all of the judgs and volunteers a big thank you. The crowd was great as well, although in the way most of the time lol. Chris’ new Gym is spectacular, 2X the size of the old one, If your ever In San francisco and want to hit a Wod at a great gym go to lalanne.

The WODs-

1- 12 Min Amrap 40 deadlifts, 30 Burpees, 20 Chest to Overhead, 10 Squat cleans @ 185 1 round+9 reps. Considerably less than I expected going in. Not an excuse but I got No-Repped Alot on everything except the squat cleans. The jerks @ 185 normally would have been cake but after the burpees/no reps etc my shoulders would not cooperate. i had trouble catching and cycling after 2nd rep. added alot of extra cleans for me. I came in 37th/60 On this wod. My goal was 1+55 haha, Jordan(who acted as coach/mentor/motivator/et el, thanks again Buddy) and i decided that I need to do longer warm ups before 1st events, I need to spike my heart rate and clean out that Pukie feeling before starting. Live and learn.

2- 4 Mins for 10 Squat Snatch@155 then Amrap OHS with remaining time. Goal was 30 reps. Ive been able to do tap and go reps @ 155 before so I had High hopes. Me and jordan hit a great warmup but it may have been too soon, by the time the event started I was cooling off. Finished with 12 reps Possibly started out too fast, had a super nice(read too nice ) judge on this one and no repped myself on 2 reps that she missed 36/60

3- 2 Min Amrap of Jumping Squats with a 95* barbell on your back, hips have to open, light under feet, dont drop bar 2 burpee penalty. I took 4 breaks, This workout hurt like fran does. i hit 60 reps, good enough for 12/60 If i did 10 more reps, completely possible I would have taken this Wod.

I finished 22/60 In a heat of athletes that were impresive. Their technique and conditioning is top shelf. Really impressive was the little girls throwing around 115* Snatches like paper weights. Technique is King. In between Wods I drank protein shakes and killed a Pb&J after wods 2, and 3. That night I crushed a plate of spaghetti and meatballs and a Mountain sized slice of cheesecake.

Sunday 8/26 7-3-3

Team Wod I forget exactly what we did but it was a wonder I did anything, i was pretty tore up from saturday but it felt great to workout. I remember this- Toes to rings=easy, Box jumps=sluggish, Burpee test=good, Burpees over bench=fun(Nervous going left onto a shaky knee) Deadlift @ 275=felt like a feather, Power Snatch 135=Probably not a great idea to be honest but crushed none the less. Overhead lunge45*= Ive been working my overhead position alot, this make stabilizing weight overhead seeem easy. HSPU(Games standard) might have well have been doing them wrapped in chains as i felt about 500 Pounds upside down. Great job Mixed team with communicating and working weaknesses. Great Job Jordan with coaching WOD selection

Moxie Prep- Dos and Donts I posted a link to Greg everett discussing competition day

basically, dont try anything new up to and on gameday. The time for experimentation is 3-4 months prior to a big event. If you typically workout thursday and friday then yes, rest those days(actively), mobilize everything, Lift something light, Practice gymnastic skills for quality. make sure your eating enough good stuff and limiting/Excluding the bad. If you dont drink coffee/5 hour energy/ go girl etc. Dont start saturday. Lets meet at the Box wednesday night(7:31) to go over what we need etc. if you think of something between now and then, write it down. Most Importantly if you are having any pain, discomfort etc. fix that shit. Seek out professional care if you can. Ive got a deload week coming up, and likely you all should too. depending on the individual its 8-16 weeks should be followed up with a deload week. Im on like week 22 so its long overdue. Notice its called a delaod week not a stay home eat shit and watch tv week. you deload the reps, weight etc. I will back up my deload week with a week of testing before I start my next 8 week cycle. We have roughly 6 Months before the open starts, my goal is to be 20 pounds lighter for the open but stronger. and especially faster and more conditioned. Everything I try will be documented and backed up, here. So buckle up and get ready its going to be a bumpy ride~Andy



Team Murph/ handstand Pushups

Even 1/3 of Murph sucks pretty much every time. I was on team AWESOME with Krista R and Camille P. we split the work pretty equitably and as one member faded on one movement the other members picked up the slack. We are getting stronger at communicating, flowing as a cohesive unit. The bodyweight blast actually helped my shoulder/neck to loosen up.

I was having trouble getting past 30 double unders early and often, I think I will start taping them to try and see where im screwing them up the most.

After this we had 5 minutes to establish a SQuat clean and jerk max hit successful reps @ 135,155,185,205,225 No snap in my jerk @ all :/

Soreness-3 Sleep-5 Stress-5 Daily-13(not bad)



I <3 Front squats

I effing love front squats, every aspect of them speaks to me on a Grok level. Awesome things about front squats includebut are not limited to

  • Extreme core stability required, makes you appreciate those 5 mins of core death after a wod.
  • Makes me more flexible, seriously being able to stay upright with weight and drive hips forward/knees out, elbows UP! is great for my immobility
  • They look cool- Did you just squat clean 335! 🙂 …uh no, but i front squated it
  • You cant have a big clean without a big front squat
  • If you can front squat a metric ton, it makes you pretty confident in your ability to stand up a clean.
  • Fact- People with huge front squat numbers destrominate fran(not a fact, but if you can front squat alot(relatively) thrusters become easier….a little)
  • 617 Pound front squat for a double, :0 he has 90 Minute fran time, Not a care in the world except where to hang his olympic gold medals, and the whole living in Iran thing haha

So Im going to start using this blog as a training log as well-


Front Squat 6×2 135,225,225,315,315,325(PR) Felt strong and confident. fast out of bottom

EMOM1,3,5,7,9,11-  1Hang Squat clean + 2 Front squats@ 135(clean, hit positions well, shrug didnt bother shoulder too much) held 3rd front squat for 10 seconds, great stretch drove out of bottom with elbows first and fast.

Minutes 2,4,6,8,10,12 -5 Box jumps Rx was 36″ I used the 30( Im a box Jumping wuss) all reps felt good, focused on landing ready to jump again, jumped by pulling my knees to my chest, landing in a solid squat position.

*Workout performed In Adistar Olympic Lifting Shoes*.

Mobility- 2 minutes per leg 30″ box hamstring stretch, new favorite. Sure to become a daily staple, holy tight hamstrings! Extra credit- Peanut roll thorasic, lacrosse ball smash scapula( Pain face!) Thanks Jesse for the mobility help.


“Drive the wheels off the car”

There is a video floating around the CrossFit Journal, In which Rob Orlando is teaching a group of Israeli students at a strongman course. One of the athletes, had impeciable form in almost every movement he did. He Moved methodically from movement to movement making subtle changes at every turn. At the end of the Cert Rob is hosting a Q&A session, and the impecciable lifter’s coach asks how to get his fran time down. The athlete has a 5min~ fran. and wants to know how to break 3 mins. Rob didnt even Hesitate to answer that he needed to fail.

This may sound a little obtuse, but it makes perfect sense: if you approach every workout with the intention of finishing it, you are setting your pace to finish regardless of how long it takes to recover(A great strategy, if rest is kept to an absolute minimum) But if you really want to move your perfomance notch, especially on a workout you have felt before, you have to go so hard that you may and probably will fail. Rob called it driving the car so hard that the wheels fell off, Do so many thrusters and pullups, so fast that you very well may fail on your last pullup, maybe even a couple of times. But you have gotten to the end faster than ever before. I was lucky enough to watch probably 7 or 8 Fran PRs* last friday, the members who PRd drove the wheels off. Great job if you did. Great job if you didnt, not every workout is going to be a PR. But every workout finished is a personal record isnt it, even if it didnt go your way? You are stronger, you showed up, you did the work. You Rock,

What has fear of failure kept you from doing? It doesnt have to be workout related. If you master fear, your true potential is limitless start dominating fear today.

P.S- Take 5 Mins today, or everyday to play around in the box. Turn the gym into a playground and do something new. climb on the pullup bars, the rope, flip a tire, push the sled, Ask a Coach for a play idea. keep it fun~ Andy



Props and Patience

Would like to start off tonights entry with some Props-

1- Randy Perkins is destroying cholestorol, not with drugs but with food. He bravely spat in the face of modern medical science, ate things that had faces and all of their delicious fat and his cholsetorol lowered…weird right? too bad PFeizer, your not getting this one(this is a much condensed version, Ask randy for more deets on how to delay death, live strong et el)

2- Jordan C– after months without a designated deadlift strength day he pulled with relative ease a 10* PR of 415, on a rest day, with very little warm up energy etc that would typically coincide with a PR day. Perhaps—Its the copious ammount of fast pulling from the floor we do with the SNATCH and CLEAN and JERK only perhaps…

3- Camille P, Courtney S.E– You are both getting strong, and your competitive fires are stoked- Keep up the good work.

And now the meat, Or the PATIENCE

I need you to be patient with me, Daily I seek to grow and perfect my coaching style(still trying to find out who Iam), BUT, My factory reset is a blatant, pull no punches, tell you how i see it Straight forward approach that doesnt take into effect 1-Your feelings 2- Your self esteem. Im trying to be more touchy feely, I really am it is just a process(slow process).Decades of competitive sports and the Marine Corps do not erase themselves overnight.Please, know this- It comes from a place of love and respect. If i didnt want to see the absolute best out of you then I would tell you your stiff leg dead lift reverse curl push press was an excellent squat clean and jerk and go onto the next athlete. I cant do that, you deserve my best that just so happens to come from a place of DIRECTNESS. So if you just finished a brutal wod, I will try to lift you up first, and then, constructively break down every nuance haha.

Nightly Motivation- Watch sweetness truckin fools at 6:02 the greatest ever #34


Im spoiled, I have a handful of great, willing training partners. I get or am handed a hypothesis and they are willing test animals. Saturday will be a test day to check/recheck or 1rm Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Front squat

Me and Jordan hit a font squat wod today, with the volume as of late and the heavy ass back squats going in I had little hopes of hitting any big numbers. Here was the seemingly devously simple workout. 3 sets of 5 reps front squats, as heavy as possible except…On the fifth rep, hold the bottom for a 3 second pause(longest 3 seconds ever) stand out of the bottom hard and fast, dont bounce out. We hit this after +/-15 high hang snatches and squat cleans and 5×1 100% 1rm back squat. We both started conservatively and ended up crushing the final set(205/275 respectively) How is it possible to do the volume we do, squat as much as we do and come in and move weight like that after fatigue has set in? Shouldnt my knees or low back explode because of my bad form?? Shouldnt we have rested yesterday after a competition on Saturday, like conventional wisdom would suggest?? Should we abandon this program for one with less volume, less technical moves?? No, and heres why- We have decided to get stronger.<-period. If you constantly bend to the wills of the workout gods you will plateau. This is a plateau shattering program, it provides for a new normal.

We had a pretty interesting convo today about perception- If your percieve weight to be heavy then it will be, if you attack it as light(Aint Nothing but a peanut) you can defy gravity. We pretty much know the weights for crossfit wods 135 for grace/isabel 225 dl for diane 95 for FRAN, 20 pound wall ball for karen. They arent heavy as long as you get stronger(which all of you are) you still percieve them to be as heavy as they were the first time you felt them.

This monster doesnt have negative self talk, he knows hes going to lift that shit. Thats an 800 Pound backsquat by the way.

P.S- Ronnie Coleman can drop his dumbells, atleast im not going to tell him not to.


Extreme Extremeness

Thought tonight I would give a sneak peek at whats floating around inside my mind. Sometimes I see things and just get word vomit.

  • Competition– Against friends, Neighbors, your kids, frenemies, other boxes, 40,000 people in the crossfit open et el. Its a great thing, so what if you didnt peak in High school as an all star jock, heres your shot to get your revenge on them(they have been on the couch too) work your ass off and good things will come to you. After all, grey hounds run considerably faster chasing the rabbit. Find a rabbit, chase it.
  • Challenges- Sorry guys, Im against them and here is why– challenges end, if we look at health and fitness as a temporary step with an end we will end up fat sick and dying. If you need one to jumpstart your lifestyle change, great, do it and run with it stick with it, spread it to your family, friends, coworkers etc.Dont evcer look back.
  • Goats- FU$# me I have so many, it really is hard to pick just one to work on. Frankly, if you dont have a goat you name is Annie Thorsdottir, if your not annie pick something you suck at and practice that shit. This week Im working on Handstand push ups and L-Sits(F$#@ L-Sits BTW) Saturday my dreams of destromination were crushed by being a loser at performing an L-Sit. I know people who cant do a pull up but they can do an L-Sit for days. Yay me. Every day I will do HSPU and L-Sits.
  • Strong is the new(Insert phrase)- No, its NOT. Being Gymnast strong is the new(insert phrase) Ever seen someone with a 550 Deadlift look like a complete fool? Find a video from saturday, or, ask me to L-Sit next time we see each other. Its a simple equation 550 pounds up quickly=No Sweat. Hold my legs(probably around 100 pounds?) 6″ of the ground, while sitting(something Im Very good at) and im Sweating, shaking, crying like a baby. Gymnastics wods make me pray for double frans any day. I tried to hide from gymnastics like the plague and hide behing my (relative) strength=Incapacity(Should have listened to coach)
  • Intensity- Watching Duke, My labrador chase a ball brought me to thinking about intensity. He runs just as hard on the 100th retrieve as he does on the first, whines incessantly when we leave, eats recovers and does it again. I pray nightly for the ability to bring this type of Intensity to Wods. When was the last time you ran just as hard on the last 800 in murph as in the first? Goal for the week- Run to your barbell/pullup bar/ wall ball/ whatever hard and fast, rip off a couple of reps before resting. Do this for 10 Wods and report back to me.
  • Shout outs- Im lucky enough to see some pretty cool things at work, recently I watched Jake Larson and His son Cade do the WOD “NATE” 20 Min AMRAP 2 Muscle ups, 4 HSPU, 8 KBS. 1- Its great watching Father and son WOD together, 2-Its really fun to watch Cade smoke Jake(on the regular). Look for cade on the podium July 2021.