Game Day

Yesterday, August 11th I had the pleasure to take part in The Summer Strength challenge In oroville ca with Jordan Carlson and Dirk ellena. This is a great competition for first timers. The movements were basic-ish, Light weight and the workouts were short-ish. The community was amazing and a special thanks to the crowd for their super support. I think we all learned alot about packing for the events-Shade, Water, Warm-up tools et el will all be addressed in 2 weeks for lalane throwdown. The events were great and we all did great. Jordan was in the zone, Destrominated the competition, and was roughly 6″ away from winning the entire event. If they had an award for heart performace of the day it would be a tie between dirk on his last deadlifts or jordans rope climbs. To have 2 athletes pour their hearts out to the max from one box was a very special thing to watch, as a friend and coach I couldnt be any prouder.

Thank you Courtney, Josh, Jess, Sherry, Dave and Dirks whole family and the 100+/- competitors and all of the spectators for making it an awesome event.

This is the begginning of an awesome competition season and we will only get stronger, faster, better.

This is probably the best speach ever, the importance of 1″. Can be broken down to 1 rep, 1 burpee, 1 pull up, 1 extra hard stride in your 400m runs or anything. The totality of the work we do or dont do is what will make the difference in Life, or our next gameday.


Competition Preperation

Honesty check-I was holding out hope that my upcoming Competitions would keep the WODs to themselves. Yesterday and today the wods for my next 2 competitions were released.(WOD #1AMRAP 12 MINUTES:40 DEADLIFT,30 BURPEE,20 SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD,10 SQUAT CLEAN @ 185 WOD #2 in 4 MINUTES:10 SQUAT SNATCHTHEN, AMRAP:OVERHEAD SQUATRX’D:MEN – 155 August 25th In San Francisco, Strongman-August 11th Oroville ca Bummer, my reasoning is two fold 1- I would love to see a hopper wod…tumble tumble tumble run a 10k, glad you can deadlift a small car lets see you run. and 2- My competition gets to practice and gameplan.

So tonight I thought I would examine some strategies for preperation(not only for competition but for life fitness). And I will steal some prep plans for competitors hehe.

1- Be ready for anything, but, we can assume certain movements will likely be in the wods ie- The olympic lifts, basic gymnastics movements et el. Practice for proficiency, especially under fatigue.

2- Train your weakness before and after training. If I can barely do pistols when Im fresh, and if I never try them exhausted and they come up on wod #5 at 5 pm after 4 other killed wods I might be a bit screwed.

3- Dont plan(too much) I know the old addage “if you fail to plan that you plan to fail”. Well here is another one- No plan survives contact, ever. Its good to have an idea of what youd like to do, but for the purposes of these competitions Im going Prison Rules-Im going to find the biggest, strongest, fastest and Im not going to let them out of my sight- I will do everything short of a stroke(or a nancy kerrigan) to keep them within reach

4- Do Plan your meals/refuels/protein intake. Gameday or game morning is not time to try something new. If you dont normally guzzle gatorade sugar pre wod why would you on gameday? Might you need something after 3 wods? likely, eatting race fuel, for a race car=Winning

Ok those are some musings, others are covered in more detail brilliantly by Greg Everett on his webpage here

Story time- Tuesday and wednesday I helped tear apart AND rebuild a jungle gym for a friend. Everything was awkward shaped and heavy, crossfit made manipulation and stamina to do work in 105degree heat possible and easier than it would have been without it. Thanks Crossfit Roseville.

Comments- What have you done(doesnt have to be sports related) lately that was easier/better etc thanks to crossfit.

putting the Fun back In FUNctional

“It doesnt have to be fun to be fun”  Quipped in every Crossfit gym since the beginning of constantly varried. But could there be a negative impact of looking at workouts as some dark foe that will conquer you tomorrow afternoon?( Fu*9 Yes) When was the last time you smiled during a workout when something wasnt going your way? Some Insight- the last 2 workouts i did, did not go my way at all, they were goats for sure, and rough.

Mondays read like a horror novel 1 Min max effort slapping pushups, then an 8 min Amrap of 16 Alt(double) kettlebell snatch, 12 kb thrusters, 8 Burpee box jumps 30″ box. Repeat max effort minute of slapping pushups.

Easy peasy right? 4 rounds easy, ive got this in the bag

The results Pushups 1-21

Amrap 1 round plus 20

Pushups 2- 19

Thius Wod sucked, but I had fun really I got crushed, but I had fun, I may even have smiled once or twice. I was looking forward to it and it came and I enjoyed it. I think this is a positive healthy relationship with a wod.—-> I see you, I will meet you at 430(or whenever you wod), we will dance and I will enjoy every rep, I will beat you regardless of score. I leave victorious. Thanks for the suffering, Sincerely ME

Work on attitude over the next week. Tell yourself and anyone willing to listen to you that YOU GET TO GO WORKOUT, never ever again say I have to go to the gym. I have to do fran, Etl el

Dont fear workouts, they are inatimate, they dont own you. It is only physics (force ^ versus gravity= winning) YOU versus THEM, smile more have some fun~Andy

Mama said they was my magic shoes

My favorite line from one of the better movies of recent time. Little forest gets magic shoes, and they can take him anywhere. It seems every day someone brings in a pair or asks a question about magic shoes. I mean Olympic lifting shoes, I, by no mean am an expert on the subject but heres what i know from experience. They are hard, so hard if you clench your teeth and land hard they will rattle your jaw(keep your tongues in your mouth) They allow you to transfer 100% of your strength upward onto the barbell instead of losing 5,10 or 15% to the squishyness(a real word) of your running or training shoe. They have a raised heel which makes it easier to lift heavy things. And they are solid as shit so you can comfortably swing your bodyweight over head and catch it in a full squat(SOMEDAY!) Also, Mark Rippatoe, the godfather of barbell strength thinks the raised heel can add strength to your deadlift by recruiting your quads without sacraficing strength in your glutes/hams. Truthfully, Olympic lifting shoes made me stronger(more confident), or more accurately, they made my hideous form look half way decent. They are magic in that they can correct(READ hide) your dysfunction from being overly tight, not doing enough mobility, or having just gotten off of the couch for the first time in 5,10, 50 years. So who are they for? Anyone who has trouble lifting in the shoes they are in now. If you feel unstable, if your serious about olympic lifting. They arent an overnight fix, and they are not a panacea, they wont fix everything tonight but they will set you on a course to success in your snatch and clean and jerk.

P.S you can box jump/double under/kill giants/run(Great marketing) in ANY oly shoe, but why would you want to? If your specializing enough to buy Oly shoes, lift in them and change for the wod- Andy

Todays Motivation courtesy of Dirk Ellena

If this Video doesnt give you chills, consult a physician.


Can and cant, one little T and a huge difference. We need to focus and seperate the things we can do daily and the things we cant do NOW. Thats why they are called goals. In may I set out to get better at olympic lifting. I couldnt snatch much or very well(still cant haha) But what I could/can do is have the resolve to put in some extra time, Went to a cert, exhausted the internet, find/found like minded individuals, practice light and right and let the FORM move the weight up instead of muscling through with bad form. the program has alot of cans in it( accesory work that you can/will do to get better). And if you have done it with me or on a wed or sunday you can attest there are many small can moments. The fruits of these extra labors is I have been fortunate enough to watch 2 people and myself shoot up in functional olympic strength and form. Attatched is a video, at the end is Dirk who had a functional snatch in may of around 95 pounds, im not 100% but it looks like his final miss(SO CLOSE) is about 165, I Hit and missed 2 new PRs I guess my final chase and catch high doesnt really count but im taking it. 4 weeks, 15 pound PR, I will get that bodyweight snatch soon enough~Andy

What can you do to erase the cants in your life/training?

P.S I didnt add the music for dramatic effect, thats the soundtrack we oly lift to alot. It is calming and invigorating at the same time. Olympic Lifting is like a ballet afterall 🙂

On Heart

#1- Heart: Vince Lombardi, arguably the greatest coach of all time said “Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It’s something we call heart power. Once a man has made this commitment, NOTHING IN THE WORLD can stop him, short of success.”  Even from the great lombardi, the man they named the trophy after, this seems like a lofty statement-NOTHING, Nothing is absolute, there is no grey shaded in between it is only “nothing”. But we are reminded on a daily basis of people saying fuck you to cant. Double Amputees are running races, Man with no arms shoots a bow and arrow in the olypics, Triple amputee plays the Drums. etc etc. You get the point. What made it possible for these individuals to acomplish this? They didnt believe in Cant, Impossible etc. They didnt listen to critics, they slienced them. They had heart power, we all have heart power we only choose to exercise it at different levels. And brother Im here to tell you the level goes all the way to 11, It is impossible to measure with a simple test, ut you know when you turn it on and evryone around you will see it and hopefully chase it. So lets crank up the heart power to full capacity, point of bursting, systems faiure and see what happens.


Going all in

Its under sad circumstances that I have arrived to the point of spilling my  thoughts onto a blog.

Over the weekend and again on Wednesday night I watched some athletes Crush 3 deviously simple wods. I partook in the shenanigans on Saturday morning, it was a balmy 70~(it was roughly 120 on wednesday) degrees, sunny clean and crisp. The energy was palpable(thank you everyone who came out and supported/judged) but where was I? I was day dreaming, The workouts were “in my wheelhouse” heavy thrusters and hang cleans, a sled push, wall balls and T2B some other nuances but not many. I couldnt have written a better set of Workouts myslef. So I put on my big boy shoes and socks(thanks Dirkney) 3.2.1 go-first round flew by, then I got no-repped(happens right) and All that I had worked for, everything, the reason for being there, I lost it. I grew mentally weak and turned it off I watched Whilst my Buddy Jordan “Destrominated: I Just paced him and stayed close enough but never closed the gap, never pushed, I gave it my 80%, MAYBE. it is under these atrocious circumstances that I ended up here.

Part of my awakening was watching 2 athletes struggle with their double unders, they wanted them, I mean really effing wanted them. Like a starved dog chasing a steak they wanted to rip them apart. Both of their workouts went the same way and I believe they may have completed the same # of reps. Both of their wods ended with F*ck, They had given their all.

I want that back, I want to get out of my comfort zone and fail, I want IT back. What is it? Where does IT live? IT is accomplishment, IT lives in every single one of us. IT comes out when you do things others say you couldnt/shouldnt/wouldnt do. IT lives under your weaknesses, peaking out from what you suck at mocking you to strap it on and come Fu*&ing get it. IT is the Carrot, but requires getting the stick. It is time to RITFU( a fun acronym)

SO here is my challenge- Im going all in, Diet(who care if it taste like treebark, if it makes me stronger/faster et el im eating it), Training(weaknesses/intensity), Sleep(sufficient and quality), Recovery, Mobility(I have none). Im going to attack my weaknesses(gymnastics/Mental) I have 3 competitions coming up And I had decided that finishing would be sufficient. Nonsense. If you aint first your last, Im a huge underdog here() And Im going to attack as such. Im going to use this blog as a template to track progress, and to give credit where it is due. Im going to beg borrow and steal as much solid Crossfit/ Strength and consitioning / Diet advice as I can possibly find and share it with anyone wiling to listen.

Every thing will be done as scientific as possible and I will use a simple scale to rate day to day. Stress-Sleep-Soreness. The lowest score possible is 3(1-1-1) and highest would be a 30(10-10-10) a 30 would be basically dead. 3 Would likely be drug induced.

Will you go all in with me? for 30 days? 60, 90? Set a goal and lets get it.

PS if you dont get chills from the underdog video, you may not want to follow this blog~AMassi